Tempo Perdido Tradução

Every days when I wake up
I have no more time that passed
But I have alot of time
We have all the time of the world

Every days
Before sleep
I remember and forget
How was the day
Ever ahead
We haven't time to lose

Our holy sweat
Is more beautiful than that bitter blood
And so serious

And wild! And wild!
And Wild!!

Look the sun
Of these morning so grayed
The storm that is coming
Is of the colour of your eyes

So hug me so strong
Tell me more one time
That we're already away of all
We have our own time
We have our own time
We have our own time...

I have no fear of the dark
But leave the lights
Turned on now

What was hidden
Is what hidden yourself
And what was promissed
No one promissed
Neither time was lost

We're so youngs...
So Youngs! So youngs!...
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