Separation (Letra)
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Separation, Disfigured, Bloodless Exit
Soul Embrace, Soul Embraced With Pain
Burning Existence, Eternally Separated
Savior Lost, Heaven Lost
Tortured Within, What Could Have Been
Separation, This After Life, In Death
One Breath
Could It Be This Darkness is A Product Of My Design
My Choice Of Self Over God
I Took What's Mine
I Denied, Denied
Father Of Lies Burn With Your Legion
Suffer Inside Eternal Abyss
God Has, Terminate My Soul, The Committed
I Want To Dwell Within Your Embrace
I Had A Dream Of This Reality
My Decision To Live By My Means
I Took What's Mine, Never Regret, Until Now
Separation From The Love I Took For Granted
Separation From What The Love Revealed To Me

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