Jumento Celestino Tradução

Mamonas Assassinas - Mamonas Assassinas
(Who is this donkey?
Who is this donkey?
Who is this guy jegueee Ô!
There is no donkey is jumentio!)

Tava bad there in Bahia, the occupation of migrant farmworkers
Working night and day in was what I wanted
I came I'm gone Sum Paulo
I came on the back of a donkey with a little knowledge
Facing rain, wind and giving a smelly fart
Even my ass was a callus
Arriving in the capital, a bitch predião legal
The mine paying a stick, but my ass not doing well
Looking reform
I paint, I imported four horseshoe
I switched to teeth and to top it off belezura
I installed a Road-Star!

Down with the donkey in grindstone vula
Crossed red light and I in front of a mule
I left avuando, like a rocket
Just do not burst my coconut it was wearing a helmet

I lift up, the owner of the mule screaming
The people around looking at everything and no one to help me
I ran away limping and the crowd flocking
All shouting in unison: Baiano, you're gonna morreeee!

After this suffering, the greatest disappointment
Pra increase my regret, went off my ass
And let me C'as provision
And today I'm sorry to have made immigration
Come home fucked up, with a lot of nickname
The collar is more beautiful!
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