Altar Particular Tradução

Maria Gadú - Maria Gadú
Honey today ask me to turn off the light
And put my fragile heart on the cross
On your altar particularly painful

I do not know, your absence caused me chaos
In the pitch today I feel
The time of healing became normal sadness

And then you try to take my heart
Do not let him come in solitude
Embarrassed to return alone

Then what is confusing to leave you smiling
You give me back what took here
My chest opens and untie the knots

If finally you ever decide to change
Take my poor heart of the altar
I return, as it should be

Or else, saying that it decided to take care of
Take the cross and canonize
I say better than it sounds

Your platform should be somewhere like that
As far as I can see me
To drop anchor your boat in bloom

Without it, life goes on in a vacuum
I am with everything floating in the river waiting for the answer to what I call love
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