Metal Dental Destruction (com Fala do Mad Dentist)

Fear of the killing bit
The mad dentist is coming
He's got no diploma
The fire of metal
Is still burning

Mad dentist is diabolic
He wants the teeth
Of the world
He is an alcoholic
He wants to drink
Your blood

He is a lunatic
He is a maniac

The power of
The obturator
You are going
To feel the hit

There is no anesthesia
You'll suffer like a pig

After all this pain
In hell you gonna claim
Mad dentist is lelé
You'll be like
Tiao Macalé

He is a lunatic
He is a maniac

Metal dental destruction
Gum is gonna bleed
Metal dental destruction

Metal dental destruction
Your mouth is gonna blow
Metal dental destruction

Dentist: It-boy, you have 10 cavities in teeth 3 Let's channel Do you have plaque, gingivitis, tartar, your CISOs are all rotten short, you have a bite of the cemetery

Detonator: A-not, and what do we do now, doctor?

Dentist:-VOU ARRANCAR TUUUUUUDOOO! Huahuauahuahauahuahaua!


Metal dental destruction
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