Mikeli Hub

Estilos: Rock, Pop, Indierock, Dance,
BrasilJequie / Bahia / Brasil
Micheli Silva Cardoso do Lago, known professionally as Mikeli Hub, is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, musical producer, visual artist, actor, dancer, writer and poet. His literary production is vast: more than a thousand creations, between novels, chronicles, plays and, mainly, poems. He became known on the internet from 2008, when he released his authorial album Longe de Casa (Far from Home), which earned him more than 100.000 plays on Myspace. He is admired for writing songs in several languages, create and record your own music arrangement, besides his baritone voice and creative videos. Belonging to the same generation of artists like Mallu Magalhães, Strike, Vanguar... biografia completa »

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