O Ultimo Julgamento Tradução

Milionário e José Rico - Dose Dupla vol 4
Sitting here on this bench, close to me, let's talk.
Will you have the courage to look into my eyes, and face me?
Now's your time, it's your turn, you will pay.
I am truth itself, the time has come, I will judge you.

I asked you not to kill or steal, stole and killed.
Asked you who have cold wrap, you are not clothed.
I asked to not bear false witness, you raised.
The lives of many poor people you destroyed, you destroyed.

My Father gave you intelligence to save lives, you have not saved.
Instead of healing the sick, you manufactured nuclear weapons.
Using your ability, you destroyed, you condemned.
Their greed was such that you yourself exterminated.

The airplane was invented for you to bring peace and hope.
Not to kill your brother not to drop bombs on my children.
It was you who caused this war, destroyed the land of their ancestors.
You call him a man but this is the worst animal.

Now that it's over forever'll see if you're guilty or innocent.
You are a coward and a monster profane, is a grain of sand beside the ocean.
His gold spoke loudly, everything you bought. Stepped Commandments in the Holy Law taught.
The Me you do not buy with your money. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
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