Minnie Riperton 'Memory Lane' (May 25,1979)[1]

Minnie Riperton 'Memory Lane' (May 25,1979)[1] (Letra)
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I stumbled on this photograph
It kinda made me laugh
It took me way back
Back down memory lane

I see the happiness... I see the pain
Where am I... back down memory lane

I see us standing there
Such a happy happy pair
Love beyond compare
look-a-there look-a-there

The way you held me... no one could tell me
That love would die... why oh why
Did I have to find this photograph
Thought I had forgot the past
But now I'm slippin' fast
Back down memory lane

I feel the happiness... I feel the pain
Here am I... back down memory lane
I'm in the sunshine... I'm in the rain

I don't wanna go traveling down
Faster than the speed of sound
Back down memory lane
Be still my foolish heart
Don't let this feelin' start
Back down memory lane
I don't wanna go... save me save me

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