Heard That Sound

Heard That Sound (Letra)
Compositores: Joe Gittleman (letra) , Mike Herrera (letra)
Without a window too see through
I did my time, in here without you
Slept on the floor down in LBC
Lead me back home under the marquee

It seems like misery loves misery
But my favorite songs, the keep me company
So many memories come back to this
I may be lost but i'm not hopeless

I heard that sound a mile away
I heard that sound a mile away
All those things i wish that i could say
I heard that sound a mile away

Came in like static off the TV
This kind of thing never goes easy
I meant to tell ya but you were gone
Tried to get it right, i got it all wrong

Sat outside the show with nowhere else
No where else to go
Doors shut can't see
It sure does sound good to me!Woah!

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