Forasteiro Tradução

Natiruts - Povo Brasileiro
Stranger on the coast
I was born in the central highlands
Not command the waves very well
I am an apprentice that you want me well

If she comes back, come back too
If it was, I am too
If she paddled, I want to row
If she liked it, I like her
I want to learn, she wants to teach me
The whole secret of the sea waves
Does she like me

I am already a site on the coast
Longing for the central plateau
The waves until I'm doing fine
Because I learned the value they have

I want to go back to the interior
Endless horizon, the native vegetation
Does she like me, want me back
Want to learn secrets from there
Many things dreamed, lived moments

On the coast and inland
She likes me, so today I am
Son of the sun and the waves
Servant of the native forest
I want the world to me

Look, it's the sun Look, it's heaven
Look, is Love
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