Star (Letra)
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Walking alone at night in the cold rain
Wondering if I will see you again
In some corner light
Running down the road in the warm sun
Dreaming that I am still the one
Resting by your side

You took the road to fortune and fame
Your name in lights
I want you to know I still feel the same
Star, I still love you
I still love you

Remembering when you played me that first song
The first show that you asked me along
Just to be around
Working so hard 'till you got that first break
You said you could turn them around
Give them something new


Got that photograph of you and me
I hear your voice on the tradio
Will I ever lay with you again

Nobody planned it, we just seem to drift now
I always seem to have to leave
Just as you come around
But someday soon girl I just got to see you
I just gotta find out
If we still have time



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