Sweaty (Letra)
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Verse 1:
Bounce when you walk sugah
Sex when you talk sugah
Everything about you girl
Ill put my mouth to girl
Head to ya toes sugah
You're edible sugah
I think I wanna start in the middle sugah

Don't act like you don't know (that after this dance) im trying to go somewhere where we can be alone
I wanna see what you got on
Under your under clothes
( Get it?)
Come get it, meet me at vallet if you wit it babe

You know what I want
You know what you got
Im thinking you and me
Somewhere getting sweaty
X's 2

Verse 2:
Oo0h baby ; oo0h baby
The way you dance can't help but to picture you naked
You throw it well
But question is can you take it ?
I wish this song would hurry up and end
So we can begin

[ Bridge ]

[Chrous ] X's 4

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