The foal is born
Bring a bucket of cold water
Enough light guria
That toast is suffering
I do not see the hands of the pet
Must be crossed
Tired of old toasted
By the way is locked
It seems to be roan
I do not know if it is glue or hair
If hair I think hands
If you glue came upset
Hairs of Garibaldi
It fighting partner
Is the name of warrior
If, for male dumped
It's my gift to hip
Will fight all afternoon
I hope he is alive
Or is big or dead bloated
The toasted surrendered
Do me a love it
Raise up your head
Brought the belly roll
I cut a little mare
Me preparing needle and thread
Bring alcohol beyond the kitchen
I found the hands of the nasty
With his head in his hands
If a foal came lindaço
Not pulled by Picaciu
For the mother came toasted
As she licks up
Bring me a basin and a mate
I'll wash aki
To see the horse pee
If the urine is clear
Escapes my toasted
Stay with me maté
Even the pirate suck
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