Against The World (Letra)
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Against the world

They taught him right and what to believe
How to live by the rules
They all restrained his hungry heart
With time he would conceive
Walked the path of a righteous man
Taught him how to belong
A winding road and now it seems

No, the world is on my shoulders
I am the one against the world
I'm the one against the world
I am the one against the world
The one they lead astray
But I'll know till my dying day
The only one against the world

Never stray from our way of life
Vent your anger within
Betrayal, it makes a bitter man
The truth cuts like knives
Now look at him and what he's become
He still kneels for them all
A broken pawn about to fall


There he stands alone again
While his world becomes unreal
Forever astray


By MetalMaster

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