Eu Sou O Que Sou Tradução

Noemi Nonato - a hora da vitoria
God spoke to Moses (Bis)
What do you want from me, because
Crying out to me

Tell my people to march,
They can pass
In the desert water from the rock to me
I sprout
The furnace'm the fourth man
The faithful the fire burning
The church the groom loved
The speech of God I am

I am, I am
I am powerful
I am, I am
I am the Lord

Prime Eternal'm off
The Root of David
I am the Lion of Judah, not dumb and not leave
From my place
If you are a believer in battle
I'll be
There is no evil to endure my
Who believes in my name is
The enemy insists, will not give up
Where do I get,
He has to leave

I am (Repeat chorus)

The Prime Eternal
(Repeat second verse)
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