Call Me (Letra)
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Call Me - Spagna

Hey how long I've been waitin' for a love so tender
hey hey hey how long can I stay without your touch I wonder
you you you you tell me you can ever know oh loneliness
hey my love no no don't leave me on my own please

call me call me
baby baby call me now
call me call me
d-d-do it baby please

hey I can wait but I beg you babe don't lose my number
I tell you babe call me now coz I'm losin' slumber
i'll u u u use all my fantasy to dream about you
hey my love I can't resist here all alone please

chorus x2

baby call me now I'm all alone
talk to me darlin' all night long
call me call me baby when you want
uh when you want baby please

chorus x2

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