Paloma (Letra)
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Paloma, just the sound of you beautiful name
Is enough to set my heart in a flame
You know it's true
You know I love you
You know... I do

Paloma, come and be
One more player in the game
The sweet love games,
Wihtout any fear, any shame
I really need you
I swear that I do
I swear... I do

Never take your love away
Just keep it close, close to me
Make your way into my life, until eternity
The moment we met
I'll never forget
Like a magic star
You bewitched my heart
When you gave a glance
Like in a movie romance
A beautiful, beautiful song
Played somewhere it came along

In old fashioned style
You gave me a smile
I could understand
When I touched your hand
That in a beautiful way
Love had come to stay
And a beautiful, beautiful song
Just kept playing along

Paloma... more than words can say... I love you!

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