Stay With Me (Letra)
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Never, never have I felt like this before
Forever, I just wanna be forever yours
So, take me in your arms and say you love me
Hold me close and never let go

Baby, please stay with me
Your love is heavenly
Won't you please say it's me
Have your love forever
Baby, please stay with me
Hold me so tenderly
Won't you please say we'll be
Be in love together

Lately, it seems like you are always on my mind
And baby, I want you to be forever mine
So, hold me close and wrap your arms around me
Love me with all your heart and soul

(Repeat Chorus)

Every night I see you in my dreams
Only when I'm with you do I feel complete
You're the only one who can fulfill my needs
Baby, please stay, don't go away
Won't you say you'll stay

(Repeat Chorus)

Won't you please, say it's me forever
Oh, be in love together

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