Iluminar Tradução

My heart is beating shot
On the horizon of this road
Is following ahead
Seeking the light, a sign of moonlight
For what the dark journey
Do not confuse the look of the people

My heart, half flower, using steel
Will find his compass
Will gradually fulfilling its role
Finding your reasons for love
Renewing your reasons to dream

So as not to lose
So as not to forget
That love only with love can afford
That love makes us fly!

And I will demand that venturing
I'm growing wings that take me away
It is up high that I will

Heart leads me to tame the world
Lending light for those who are in the background
I want light!

Heart takes me by its wings
Sow dreams, paving roads
It is at the top that is my place
(I'm looking for a place)

And living to light
And living to light

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