Imagem e semelhança Tradução

If anyone doubted you saying that you do not love
And by your mistakes, judge your life
Do not lose heart, no
God sees your heart

The intention is to be best ever love
From a smile to a look, yes, love
If the image and likeness of Love were created
So your acts of the most sincere and natural is your love

I wonder if there is anyone here who has never failed in life
Or sorry wanted to turn back
No matter if you are a sinner who sometimes want to fight no strength
The path of God is your place
Jesus said, 'no one condemned you?
Not even I condemn thee
Go and sin again '

Any gold in the world can not buy what you have to give
Precious art thou to thy Lord
Sworn to me and say
'God loves me! I can love!
For God loves me! I was born to love! "

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