Bugs (Letra)
i got bugs
i got bugs in my room
bugs in my bed
bugs in my ears
their eggs in my head
bugs in my pockets
bugs in my shoes
bugs in the way i feel about youbugs on my window
trying to get in
they don't go nowhere
waiting, waiting...
bugs on my ceiling
crowed the floor
standing, sitting, kneeling...
a few block the doorand now the question's:
do i kill them?
become their friend?
do i eat them?
raw or weel done?
do i trick them?
i don't think they're dumb
do i join them?
looks like that's the onei got bugs on my skin
tickle my nausea
i let it happen again
they're always takin' over
i see they surround me, i see...
see them deciding my fate
oh, that which was once... was once up to me...
now it's too latei got bugs in my room... one on one
that's when i had a chance
i'll just stop now
i'll become naked
and with the... i'll become one.

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