Meditation (Letra)
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Meditation, to reach the highest highIn isolation, enshrouded by the night
Yes we're talking 'bout meditation
Encircled by the sea
Into salvation, a cure for you and me
Yes we're talking 'bout meditation

I've seen ghosts in empty dreams
Should I turn my eyes away
Or should I scream
All the dust in paradise
Winds that blow as cold as ice
Meditation is the cure that saves me now

Meditation, to reach the other side
Into salvation, how could I be so blind
Yes, we're talking 'bout meditation
Now I know what they mean
In isolation, the answers to my dreams
Yes, we're talking 'bout meditation

Hidden deep below my mind
Filled with disbelief
I couldn't reach the sky
Through the forest of the night
Guided by a ray of light
Meditation is my spiritual guide

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