The Needle Lies (Letra)
Compositores: Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton
I looked back once
And all I saw was his face
Smiling, the needle crying
Walking out of his room
With mirrors, afraid I heard him scream
You'll never get away

Cold and shaking
I crawled down alleys to try
To scrape away the tracks that marked me
Slammed my face into walls of concrete
I stared, amazed at the words written on the wall

Don't ever trust
Don't ever trust the needle, it lies
Don't ever turst
Don't ever trust the needle when it cries, cries your name

Wet and raving
The needle keeps calling me back
To bloody my hands forever
Carved my cure with the blade
That left me in scars
Now every time I'm weak
Words scream from my arm


da Música (The Needle Lies)

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