Warning (Letra)
Compositores: Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton
I remember I was asking why, and someday you said I'd
All these years, of fighting hard and now it's finally
come too close

I can't believe it's now happening to me... Oh,
couldn't it wait a few hundred years
Destiny can't rest you see, now it's time, time to cry
your tears! Now cry!

The child of centuries, forgotten in time you talk in
circles of rhyme
Seer of places future and past the warning you gave us
is surely our last


Behold the child, his pointing hand is raised in
solemn grace
His eyes once wide with learning wonder now leave
stains upon his face

Now see the hands of the working man, he's leaning
back against the wall
Once busy hands are idle now standing ready for the
fall! Our fall!

The signs will come as days past by for those that
claim to see
The blind will stay not choosing to die not believing
the visions I've seen


da Música (Warning)

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