House Of Wisdom (Letra)
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Sorcerer "Give your child to me and I will show him the way to his destiny."

They gave away their child and asked "When will we see him again?"
"I don't know." The sorcerer said and the mother started to cry.

Father "I will name him Aelin. Farewell, we will meet again someday."

He rode away on his snow-white horse with the child.
The fisher-village disappeared behind them and was soon gone.
He never rested on their journey to his house, where Aelin
would grow up and gain knowledge of the ancient ways.

Clouds cover the lands but soon the sun will shine again.
The time is right, now when day and night unite.

After a year they finally reached the sorcerer's house.
The house of wisdom stood in a clearing near the sea.
He walked inside and closed the wooden door behind them.
They where not seen outside again for seventeen long years.

The house of wisdom, where dreams come true.
The house of wisdom, magic and socery.

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