Road Goes Ever On (Letra)
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Sorcerer "Son, the day has come to choose your path.
You're standing before the parting of ways. Soon the night is
here and the years have passed. Aelin, which way will you go?"

Aelin "I've decided to go on an eternal voyage to ancient places
beyond the light of day. My love to the waters is stronger than ever,
I will sail the seas and never return again."

Sorcerer's wrath "So step into the waters if you believe your spirit will
be purified. You only try to hide from your destiny if this is what you decide."

The silver moon went up high like birds do in the spring.
The rain fell like tears while the sorcerer closed his eyes.
Eagles where flying across the mountainside. The wind
was moaning outside his house. And he often searched
in wonder why Aelin chose that way.

Sorcerer "The road goes ever, ever on, farther than the eye can see.
Beyond the well-known lands for you and onward to eternity. The road
Is long, the road is hard and once you reach what you are looking for,
you turn your head and look upon a new day's dawn, a rising sun."

Aelin "I want to be one with the sea. Let my spirit be
the tide, and with my breath the waves shall arise. I will
sail away and let the laws of nature take my life. You'll
have to find another one to be your chosen one."

Sorcerer "The road for you my friend will go far and wide.
The powers that I gave you aren't enough to hold you from
the sea. It isn't hard for me to see that the end is near.
Now you must go, I cannot change it, it's too late…"

Aelin stood gazing across the sea when
the sorcerer came and looked into his eyes.
Aelin spoke with pride in his voice
"I will rule the sea when my spirit is free."

He prepared a boat to take him away,
to sail far and wide until his dying day.
And as the spring came with the caress
of love, the sun went up high and lit his way.

He set his course and sailed away,
but after some time there was no food left.
And soon after that no water to drink,
so he faded away out there on the sea.

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