Eu Sou 157 Tradução

Racionais MCs - Nada Como Um Dia Após O Outro Dia
Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The dog loves me,
The playboy melt,

Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The police ball a plan
I'm a hero, the chit,

A pa-nose grows Zoio,
When I arrive,
Joe is fucking rabble,
Is not deny,

I bad to the world
Tuesday afternoon,
Have you smoked a,
With slight coward

I just trust myself,
No one else,
If you understand me,
Speaks well slang,
Until parrot learns

Tramp robs bank
Using gucci and versatti,
Civil lunges,
Using light truck,

Greek gift,
Is a Trojan horse,
Not everything that shines,
Relic or jewelry,

Remember that tape there
The talks al Jao,
The nozzle shaft ae,
Millstone guy thief

How is it rappa,
Heat the caraio,
License ae,
Let me smoke,
Pass the ball Romario

Half entrusted
Hey, hé,
I realized,
I thought,
O only,
What was your trout,
O corn,

And he says he has a channel,
What sells this and that,
Who is
Who has
M, to sell,
I want a kilo,

A kilo that jow
If you know who,
I know not,
I'm new too,

When he speak,
A kilo,
Is the leave,
It maize,
The micha fell,

More where that is already been seen,
TA piolhagem,
It will not, hence there
Millstone buzzword
In such suits,
Wearing sunglasses,
Bermuda and slippers,
The nigga was police,
Millstone castle

Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The dog loves me,
The playboy melt,

Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The police ball a plan
I'm a hero, the chit,
(*** Encore ***)

São Paulo is jungle
And I know the fauna,
Calmly thief
I see the goose down,
And the dog up,

The two farts,
To see,
Who guides the gti,
More also eh John
Without pretending,
Without giving cloth,

It slum mouth,
Vamo and convenhamo,
Trabaia 30 years,
And walking,

The time
Cagueta revolt you know,
Not any of that right,
If you're in this,

Revolt with the government,
Not me,
The conversation
Traitor, blind snake,
I think if fashion picks,

They will surrender,
Ae dirty
It may even be that has

Several have cell
You can not, you believe it,
What happens,
At the time of the crash,
Which one of us,
Replace a head,

Can be,
Oh my,
The morrow,
Maybe God is,

I do not know,
I did not see,
I am not,
Morro padlock

Let me go,
Who is not seen,
It is not remembered

Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The dog loves me,
The playboy melt,

Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The police paid a stick
I'm a hero, the chit,
(*** Encore ***)

It is what is,
Ladies swear to mother
I'll stop,

My love is yours,
Brilhate a safe,
While I live,
You never suffers

Yeah like that,
If it is,
It is now
It corduroys,
Is butt off,

Forgive me,
Forgive me mother,
If I do not have the look,
What once was,
Please you,
With poster
So written,

May 12,
In Brown,
A blue and white heart,
In crepe paper,
His world was good,

Too bad nowadays
Only meeting
In his photo album,
I swear I'll prove,
That was not in vain,
More worse,
From the cool,
You can not not more,

Xi, John
Speaking alone
This was good,
Put this to me,
The cheap're crazy,
And there'll call you bro,
More has to be now,
Without thinking,
If you want to go,

The end is soon,
8 hours, and 8 bit,
It's all on paper
Can you pack a change,
The team assembled tava,
More has
What can not bro,
It is another side,

More is
It is in order,
Let's give millstone papaya,
Only cata,
It takes,

O only,
Ti puis on tape
Because you are worthy,
In'll pow,
And tape rotten
The scene is this,
Is connected,

A white hand,
Is only Migue,
At the bar in front
The whole day, drinking coffee,
It's ours,
The other is Japanese,
The kazu,
What is there
Selling a dog,
Bead blue zone,

If you purchased the dog from him,
And there is the cookie,
He has
Only a dry cinnamon in the cart,
Binds the blonde right,

Vai ta inside,
Wave with guardinha,
Is this what I get ae,

It has two plus one,
It was he who gave
Okay slight,
At the time,
He're going to h in bathroom

Xt has a port,
And Shaara,
Grab the wrong way,
Turn to the left and not,
The face,
It is direct and straight,
In it,
To the square
That's all for work
And the car does not pass,

Across're a rose,
In standby
Of the gun and the pouch at her,
And it was,

Then only,
Beach and marijuana,
Come all bourgeois
In Fernão de Noronha,

Our brother,
Grab those gadinho there
Who lives in the condominium,

Hi those mine there,
Only ugly cat,
If they like to smoke a joint,
Vo across these leads,

The day I arrive d,
If this is the place,
So here I am,
The colder,
More in favor,
A lover of money,
Punctual as the sun,

Like me,
A robe and helmet,
In the cold it's hot
Still wearing vest
I was already here,

And where they're Jao,
Not to seeing anyone,
And the Japanese, not here not
Or tai,
You're not right,
As hand,
Not when I too,
From when I arrived,

More on that soon today
Why mudaro,
It's hard to miss,
But who gave the wrong tape,
I know not,
Okay weird Jao,
Okay sinister

Is not it better if nóis plays,
See deireito,
And anything
The blonde vai league
In a hurry,
If q is not my brother,
In this gives,

Just have zé rabble,
And motoboy,
're Cold,
Let's go in,
Tramp is nóis,

Our Lady,
Neguinho step-thousand
I said,
Not heard,
Not eye
Neither saw me,

My face is expected,
I have not shot the Zoio,
Inside I do not know,
My stomach hurts,

Here comes the trout,
It is now
All wrong,
Vamo though,
Dropped the tape,

Cade nigger,
It takes me, caraio,
Well I said,
All nuzzles dumb
Only had 2, has 3 more,

The nigga was coming,
What was laughing,
The nightmare of the system,
Not afraid of death,

Double knee,
And fell like a man,
In revolving, hugging the pouch,
I said fuck,
Not told you,
And, h,
To his mother,
Who Gonna speech
When nóis arrives,

A son to create,
Imagine the news,
Vamo ae,
Vai rains police,

Life is suffering,
Most will not cry,
Lives that
I'll humiliate me,
It's all a question
To know the place
As has
How come,
And as part of my giving,

Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The dog loves me,
The playboy melt,

Today I am a thief, Article 157,
The police ball a plan
'm Heóroi, the chit,
(*** Encore ***)

Ae loko, a lot of faith in what's upstairs,
He looks at everyone, and everyone has the same value,
Come easy, go easy, that is the law of nature,
Can not despair,
And ae mulekadinha, every eye on you guys huh,
There will not go grup, the scene is sad,
Vamo studies, honors his father and mother,
And live, live, this is the scene,
So loko.
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