Cabeça De Bode Tradução

Raimundos - Lavô Tá Novo
On a good night sweating
I woke up at dawn
With a hunger to eat
Something strong
Hunger as fuck and agony
It was useless, I did not forget
I'd have to call pras food north
I just knew
My plan would be part of the animal
What is harder than my dick
With a stench so
Only with the rank of man, not fuck,
Hit the stick on the spider and eat the head of the goat
I'll eat the head of the goat
Good food is my favorite food
And I do not doubt doubt
That does not make me sweat
Look me in the eyes, I'm smiling
I heard the stuffing
And I can not disguise
Excuse me, look at there
First piece, for your face
You are weak, it's leather hat bag
Look what's out there in the hole
And it deserves
Without the power of the animal you do not go down
You must relax
And as the eye of the goat
Can véi believes the idea is that I say, that's right there
X arriving in the area and talking face
We take a lot of beating during those years
With the sweat of our bodies where we are
Spreading our ideas from north to south, east, west
Only kid prey are the DF
Ideas come from various of our guts
To grip the wave has to have the morning
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