Harry Bridges

Harry Bridges (Letra)
Compositores: Tim Armstrong (letra) , Matt Freeman (letra)
Bloody Thursday was July 6th The pigs killed three workersHarry Bridges
grabbed the mic
The city shut down July 6th The workers outraged it was a
general strike
The media claimed that the commies were taking over and some
believed it was true
3 uncomprimising strikes paved the way
SF. & Toledo
Over annd over agian the doors are locked and the windows are broken
worked for General Motors & he swore that he'd never lose his job again
union man who owned his own home in beautiful Flint, Mich. Eddie lost his job
and Eddie lost his wife
So Eddie lost his self esteem Last time I saw Eddie
he was livin' in the trailor park again
I believe Eddie forgave too much
I got a letter about Eddie & it was bad news

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