Midnight (Letra)
Compositores: Tim Armstrong (letra) , Matt Freeman (letra)
MidnightúI know where I am that's right I know where I'm goin' shut down -
vacant city Ghost town - Tensions risin' Kick kick kick the door in Look look
look around andúAffairs affairs of the nationúWhen the pressure came down Sus-
tain authorityúMidnight - I know I canúThat's right - I ain't broken...
motorcycle ride.
You don't know my name man you don't know my nameúPaint a number on my head
work me till I'm deadúI can believe I've wasted all of these years I've tasted
A million days & nights all this pain and struggle all for whatúI askúAll the
hate & troubleúPunch drunk from the punch clock opportunity never gonna knock
no more blue collarúAll the unions gettin' smallerúOne million nights & all
the pain and struggle all for whatúI ask all the hate and trouble...
There's a place where I like to go when I got no food or I got no shelterú
It's a house where I can get away for maybe three days to get off the drink
and hazeúWho's the oppositionúI'm 7 years downúThe human spirit prevails yeah
I'm down down downúWoke up in the bushes 6:30 Tuesday morning with an unopened
Heineken end ahead That was burning for 7 years I walked the same path dreams

da Música (Midnight)

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