Tente Outra Vez Tradução

Raul Seixas - Millennium
Do not say that the song
Have faith in God
Have faith in life
Try again!

Drink! (Drink!)
For the living water
're Still at the source
(Try again!)
You have two feet
To cross the bridge
Nothing is over!
No! No! No!

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Try it!
Raise your hand thirsty
And resume walking
Do not think
The head bears
If you stop
No! No! No!
No! No! No!

There's a voice that sings
A voice that dance
A voice that turns
Bailando the air
Uh! Uh! Uh!

Please! (Please!)
Just be honest
And you want deep
You will be able
To shake the world
Try again!

Try! (Try!)
And do not tell
That victory is lost
If it's battles
If you live life
Try again!
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