In Me (Letra)
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You said the words
and made the heavens
you breathed the stars
and put their place in the sky
you waved your hand
painted a sunset
you smiled and gave a heartbeat life
crazy to think
that your holy hands made everything i see
its so hard to believe
that you the God of creation say
ive got this power...

in me
there is strength to move a mountain
in me
there is faith to walk on water
in me
if i just believe
the Way and the Truth and Life is
in me

so please remind me
when i feel useless
that my flesh and bone has more than meets the eye
because You burn
like a fire within me
and theres nothing out of reach when i
let Your spirit loose and be alive


You set the world in motion
put the waves into the ocean
and when it all comes down
ive got to believe
that You the God of creation say
ive got this power.....



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