Tearjerker (Letra)
Compositores: Flea (letra) , Anthony Kiedis (letra) , Dave Navarro (letra) , Chad Smith (letra)
My mouth fell open
Hoping that the truth
Would not be true
Refuse the news

I'm feeling sick now
What the fuck am I
Supposed to do
Just lose and lose

First time I saw you
You were sitting
Backstage in a dress
A perfect mess

You never knew this
But I wanted badly for you to
Requite my love

Chorus :
Left on the floor
Leaving your body
When highs are the lows
And lows are the way
So hard to stay
Guess now you know
I love you so

I liked your whiskers
And I liked the
Dimple in your chin
Your pale blue eyes

You painted pictures
Cause the one
Who hurts
Can give so much
You gave me such

Repeat chorus

da Música (Tearjerker)

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