Stick Up (The Saturday Night Live Song)

Stick Up (The Saturday Night Live Song) (Letra)
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Yeaaahh, eh-eh-eh-eh-eh
We at it again

Everybody now
Hands in the air, this is stick up, stick up
No funny business, oh, you get lead up, lead up
You'll just die, you gon die
And at your funeral your mama gon cry
So costomize ‘cause the floor, floor
And clerk sack ‘em cash, drop, slow, slow
If you don't end up dead, you do everything shy ronnie says
Tell ‘em, Ronnie:

No one in the bank can hear you
Shy Ronnie, use your outside voice
We don't have time for this
Let's go

So stay on the ground, this is stick up, stick
Your wallets and jewels we'll pick up, pick up
I know the cash, move your ass
We gettin' money, tell ‘em Shy Ronnie

Please, please use your words
Just imagine that eveyone's naked
Oh-Oh, boner alert
You really pictured them naked
Why did I think you could do this?
Ronnie, [I didn't get this part]
(Gun Shot)
He shot himself
And why is your gun so small?
The police are on their way
Good luck, Shy Ronnie
Bye – bye

[Shy Ronnie Raps]

Eh, I forgot this money
And also this guy
Come on, we're gonna have sex
To da loups

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