God Is Able

God Is Able (Letra)
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God is able
God is able
God is able
He can do what
He said He would do

I think about Daniel
In the lion's den
Didn't look too good
But Daniel put his trust in Him
Shadrach Meshach and Abednego
When the flames grew hot
They just put their
Trust in God
And He would not
Let'em go

I think about Israel
And the Exodus
Pharaoh sent his men
But God showed His faithfulness
If you think you're in a
Trial by fire
When the flames grow hot
You just put your trust in God
And He'll never let you go

He can lift you up
When trials come your way
He can give you peace
Down in you soul
He will always do
He'll be there for you
Will you belive Him
Will you belive Him

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