Harleys & Indians

Harleys & Indians (Letra)
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When I go to heaven
Harley Harley heaven
I want to meet a King
Likethe Panhead 48
I want to meet the Fat One
We can talk for hours
Whenmy time has come, Babe
I won't be running late.Flying high
Riders in the sky
Na na na na.When I go to heaven
Red-skin heaven
I want to meet the Chiefs
Yea, Iwant to meet all Scouts
I won't miss my friends cos I know where they'llbe
We're all part of the Indian Family.Flying high
Riders in the sky
Na na na na.It's alright, Baby
I'm OK, honey
I'm only travellin' thru this state ofmine
Hey it's alright, Mama
I'm doin' fine now, Mama
I'm only in acertain state of mind.When I go to heaven
Hog Hog heaven
I'll have a drink with Elvis whileMarlon's on his way
We're kickin' and we're revvin'
We're dressing up instyle
It's time to take a ride on that freeway in the sky.Flying high
Riders in the sky
Na na na na
Come on, come on

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