Harleys & Indians (riders In The Sky)

When I go to heaven / Harley Harley heaven / I want to meet aKing / Like the Panhead 48 / I want to meet the Fat One / We cantalk for hours / When my time has come, Babe / I wont be runninglate / Flying high / Riders in the sky / Na na na na / When I goto heaven / Red-skin heaven / I want too meet the Chiefs / Yea, Iwant to meet all Scouts / I won't miss my friends cos i knowwhere they'll be / We're all part of the Indian Family / Flyinghigh / Riders in the sky / Na na na na / It's alright, Baby / I'mOK, honey /I'm only travellin' thru this state of mine / Hey it'salright, Mama / I'm doing fine now, Mama / I'm only in a certainstate of mind / When I go to heaven / Hog Hog heaven / I'll havea drink with Elvis while Marlon's on his way / We're kickin' andwe're revvin' / We're dressing up in style / It's time to take aride on that freeway in the sky/ Flying high / Riders in the sky/ Na na na na / Come on, come on.
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