Little Miss Sorrow

Little Miss Sorrow (Letra)
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She had those magic eyes you / Could see from miles around / Shewore her summer dresses bright / Quiet like the sky / She alwayscame in colours / All smiles and daffodils / She let her hairdown in the breeze / But every little thing has changed, today /Little miss sorrow / Every little thing turned pale and faded /Little miss sorrow / The sunlight doesn't show / All the coloursgone out through the window / She used to go out dancing / Coolsilver fingernails / I used to watch her from the bar, followingher car / She always came in colours / She always kept control /She painted yesterday in gold / But every little thing turnedgrey today / Little miss sorrow / Every little thing turned paleand faded / Little miss sorrow / The sunlight doesn't show / Allthe colours gone, even the rainbow / Allow me to introduce myself/ Im just a local boy / She was my little miss joy / I want tocall her name / My life won't be the same, dear God / Everylittle thing has changed, today / Little miss sorrow / Everylittle thing turned pale and faded / Little miss sorrow / Cosevery little thing turned grey today / Little miss sorrow / Theweak replaced the strong / The boy forgot the song / Whats goingon? (x2) / Tell me what's going on / Whats going on? (x2) / Tellme, whats going on?

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