Stand To Fall

Stand To Fall (Letra)
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While catering perfection
The light never shined off you
And then again my friend it's always
Been you through and through

Your one...if you choose
Maybe two..still I lose

A cripple on a wire
Take a look and see
Inside this prison called me
Scream aloud what you see
Turn me around again
My friend, my friend
If you see the fires burning my hands


I won't fly...cause when I reach the sky
I come tumbling down again
And I I won't hide
I won't crawl to walk, to stand and fall again
So simple all the while
Way too simple for you
Tell me what to do
Do you want me to be like you
Build me up again
Stand me up to knock me down
I've made it this far with just a little taste of sin


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