Why (Letra)
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You gotta believe me
You cannot deceive me
You gotta be everything
I ever wanted
Will you stand by me
See what I see
Will you be every little thing to me

Will you See my
One life's So righteous
When I Feel my
True life's So worthless

Why... Why do I feel this way and

You could never ask of me
You cannot count on me
You couldn't ever once rely on me
Still you stand by me
Stand what's in me
Can you feel every little
thing to me

Why...Why do I feel this way and
Why... Why can't I speak my mind

Can you hear my words
Can you feel me breathing
Can you tell I'm dying

WHY,...Everybody falls
gotta keep on climbing
WHY,... Do I feel this
WHY,... Gotta be my life
gotta be the meaning
WHY,... Do I feel this

Don't believe what they say
Or trust what you hear
If it ever crosses what you
know about me
Take a piece from in me
Guard it with pure greed
It's gotta be everything
you ever wanted

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