Here I Am (Letra)
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She calls me when t'm in town
I pretend i'm not around
But she sees on her screen i am
So here i am,here i am

She don't call me one and only
No,she just calls me when
She gets lonely,something i do gets
Her there so feel better get well

There's no love without this pain
There's no one time without again
And there no way that i am
What she need now

I'm just a passing glance
Not a for sure but a chance
And theres no way that i am
What she sees now

Backwards now and were back again
Sideway just to find our friends
On this road is changing every
Thing i know upside down inside my head
Let's just talk about something else

The sun gets brighter and takes me along

On these curtains never close
Theres only one way that this goes
We turn in circles and we lose our places
New faces around but no
Replace ments i've found
Can we just find a way to go
Back home...

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