Used to Matter (Letra)
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See, these days it's different,
It's all new. The old is gone
and I am too.
Wishing I was closer to
back when it used to matter
All my coins are gone,
it's plastic now
My Ipod's got me asking 'how
could all my albums take me down
To back when it used to matter?'

Now it seems that we
are all wrapped up so tight,
light just can't get in
And I feel that we can't see
And I feel, it's not 'maybe'

See, my watch is worthless,
So is my pen
And it seems nothing is
greater than
something that takes me
Way back when, to
back when it used to Matter
All the wrods I write
are on a screen,
And the friends I have
have 'added' me
And there's no record
of anything,
and now we all cease
to matter

So you die when you turn 22
but they gonna wait to bury you
Cuz you got a 9 to 5 to do
And that's supposed to matter
So you replace your time
in between
with other peoples'
hopes and dreams
And they live their lives on
your TV

And now you don't even matter
I just want us yo be who were
supposed to be and who we are
doesn't it seem like were kinda
far from the original plan
from the start back
when it used to matter


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