Suffocate Me

Suffocate Me (Letra)
Compositor: inserir
In anxiousness i'm twisting
Drift into restlessness
This prison keeps shapeshifting walls

I think you suffocate me
Constricting everything
So quick to give what you have no idea
Will one day cost

Forgive my skepticism
What you call insecure
I call protection
I can't trust anyone who just gives away their whole world
No one gives that up for free
No one like me
It's cost to much to open it up to just anyone

I don't think you hear me
Do you want me to say it again?
No, i don't think you'll hear me
Can't you see it's making me sick?
No, i don't think you can
Don't think you care
At least not as much as you swear
And so i'll have to say goodbye(till you bring it up again)

Subtle as a hemmorhage
From none to everything
Shovel in and take what you can find
Cold as a starved constrictor
Bites like a soft caress
Consuming with determined pride
Do you think it pleases me to
Push you away again
This should have ended long ago...
But you need to dig it out again
So it is as it began
There was never us
There's only you

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