Tired Of Being Alone

Tired Of Being Alone (Letra)
Compositores: Marcelo Cabuli (letra) , Christopher von Deylen
Once , you dreamed of me , twice
you wished that i'd pull you out
you chose your life , and put me down
still you don't understand

Tired of being alone

what you have dreamed
is not what i am
so far
let me be the one
please understand me
how i am
but i don't want , to walk alone
i need your hands to warm my soul

Tired of being alone
Tired of being alone

i will do my best
to become your love
i'll try
to fill the emptyness
in our hearts
oh so tired of being alone

Tired of being alone
i want to feel , i need to fall in love with you
Tired of being alone

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