Kill Yourself

Kill Yourself (Letra)
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(Choir music plays) Demonic voice
Get out..Get out! You can't be in here
You have to get out
I emplore you Please
Your all going to die down here..
(static high pitch)

It's life or death
either one
the king is back
take head and run
i piss and take a shit on ur beat for fun
i killed the game
I aint even use a gun
who better than me
don't make me laugh
I run this shit they just chase my ass
I aint talkin shit nigga
just tellin the facts
i think all the tracks im hearin from niggas is whack
i be hearin these niggas
what they say in they rhymes
i took my spot nobody gave me mine
i make the beats that Boom Boom Boom! in they trunk
u disagree homie then go on and jump
u can bump ur gum
and talk all u want
thats all u gon do cuz yall niggas is punks
im number one you aint number shit
when they need a hit im who they gon' and get
talk to me

if you got love for me i got love for you
if you dont fuck wit me i dont fuck wichu
we can do it howeva u wanna do
nigga if u dont fuck wit me i wont fuck wit u
gon' head
kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself
gon kill yourself kill your self kill yourself
If i was you i would kill myself gon kill your self kill your self
kill your self gon kill yourself kill your self kill your self
If i was you i would kill myself

Im tired of niggas
niggas is tired
u aint a G
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i see bitch in ur eyes
if u close to me
u suposed to be
but most of u rap niggas is hoes to me
wherever u from
the question i ask
is do u think i give a fuck
riddle me that
cuz in my hood and u jump into hell and back
this industry shit to hell wit that
i seen em come i seen em go
i doubt if u can show me sum'in i aint seen before
who suposed to be in charge? i need to know
when i shake ur hand ima step on ur toe
go getcha gun go getcha click
imma be rite here chillin wit yo bitch
you mad at me cuz im gettin rich
well put the pistol to ur head and empty the clip


see my heart
feel my pain
some of dese stars some is lames
how they follow little trends to get they famne
i aint snappin my dam fingers to get in the game
u claim u rich
show me son
if u got so many dollas then loan me one
fools think they killas they own a gun
when u no u bout as sweet as a honey bun
trashy broads behind a bar
like you dat dude frontin hard
vip bands dont make u a star
like we really still dont no who the fuck u are
dont talk behind my back just call my nigga
move my heart to the side
make room to forgive ya
if u still wanna hang
we'll come to get ya
put the rope around ur neck and jump my nigga!

(Demonic Voice)
Your all going to die down here
get out get out
you cant be in here
your all going to die down here

(drop in beat with telephone ring and choir backround).

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