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Trio Parada Dura - Trio Parada Dura -varias
In one thousand and nine
In the state of Bahia
A farmer moneybags
On behalf of Jeremiah
Read the fate of his son

She said my friend
Breaks my heart
Most came to know
I'll give explanation
Your child will die
The horns of the ox Typhoon!

Jeremiah Farmer
Sent for the employee!
Ox will get Typhoon
Let him cornered
Tomorrow, the day breaks!
The ox will be beheaded!

The boy was obedient
The horse was riding
Aside from hair came out pasture
With bleeding heart
Down hat on face
Anybody see you crying!

Killed the ox Typhoon
The years passed
The animal's head
In the backyard was rolling!

On the spot
Boy was playing
And at lunch
His mother called him
Boy ran
Stumbled on a stone
Fell on the tip of the horn
Ox that killed his father!

That wild country
Could do nothing
We call the doctor
He could not answer
Your father in despair
Seeing his son's death
Boy spoke softly
Santa watch
I go with God
I have the heart
My destiny was to die
The horns of the ox Typhoon!
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