Absurdo Tradução

Vanessa Da Mata - Multishow Ao Vivo
Absurd (Lyrics)
There was so much to tell you
It changed the way the state and the place
It was absurd

There was so much to show you
It was so beautiful
But now look at the mess that is

Carpets fed up with leaves and flowers
The floor is sweeping the world here
This idea naturally be dirty
The inorganic does not

Destruction is a reflection of human
If the ambition inhuman Being
This image infertile desert
Never thought I'd come here

False victims harmful?

There was so much to enjoy
without power
So many stories, so many flavors
golden grasses

There was so much to breathe
It was so fine
In those rivers we bathed

Deforest and complain all the time
How ironic to be conflicting
Imbalance feeding pests
Amended grain bread changed

Soiled rivers depend waters
Any violent means
Lust is perverse ethic alive
Killed by money

Colors, so many colors
these beauties
Were up
Verses and stars
So many tales I have not seen

Counterfeit goods, progress?
With her ??mother, ingratitude
Gave the henhouse
To watch fox

Absurd (Lyrics)
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