To Hell And Back

To Hell And Back (Letra)
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I have been to Hell and back - kissed satanic Queen
Traveling at the speed of light - saw thing never seen
Arm in arm with Lucifer - Belial on my back
I have swam the lake of flames - walked forbidden tracks
To Hell - and back
To Hell - and back

I've made love to Lilleth fair - danced the zombies dance
I have shook the reapers hand - broke his deathly trance
Present at ungodly births - mutants writhe in pain
I'm possessed by Hell itself - I'm the man insane
To Hell - and back
To Hell - and back
Ride with me
To Hell - and back

You can take a trip with me - Hell's my final home
If you wish to live at night - watch the demons roam
Holding high the Southern Cross - watch the mortals bleed
Drink the blood and feel my wrath - watch the mutants breed
To Hell - and back
To Hell - and back

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