Xuxa's Theme (O Xou da Xuxa Começou) (Instrumental)

Xuxa's Theme (O Xou da Xuxa Começou) (Instrumental) (Letra)
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Hello Hello Hello (3 Times)
It's Time For Xuxa And Her Friends!<

Are You Ready To Begin? (yay!)
Ready To Play All To Win? (yay!)
If Anyone's Feeling Down (boo!)
Acting Tough Mean Or Proud (boo!)
We're Gonna Tell You Right Now
We've Got A Group To Make You Smile
We're Gonna Turn You Around<

Oh Come On Hear The Music
And Stay With Us
We're Waiting For You
Oh Here We Sing And Jump, Dance And Play
No One's With Nothing To Do
Children And Grown-ups
And Babies And Old Ones Alike
Together We're All Right<

Wherever You May Be Little One
Sweet One
We're Going To Capture Your Love
So Come On
Come On Our Show Is Starting
The Eagar Crowd Is Inviting
Here Among All The Light, The Balloons
Everyone Of Our Good Friends
Happiness Begins

da Música (Xuxa's Theme (O Xou da Xuxa Começou) (Instrumental))

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