Serafim E Seus Filhos Tradução

Three males and one female, by the way Mary
What with all looked like
All to look smart to see up close
Who is a long way coming
Children of two oaths, all bloody two
At night clear
Joao break stump
Mane Quindim, Lloyd and Mary

Night hike of silence and the moon
Seraphim of the good shepherd went home
Of the four boys, two bore rifles
Other smoke and took two flour

Bandoleros de los green fields
Don Quixote de nuestro desierto

Serafim good cut
Mane, John Lawrence and Mary

But as Lawrence, the youngest of four
It was all four of whom knew
He decided to leave the pack and go away
Where nobody knew him
Serafim vowed revenge
My son does not dance as the dance

And killed Lloyd
At night the moon high mansa

Everyone of these surroundings
Account that Lawrence did not just quiet
He dropped his sister Mary's life
And the other two killed only fear
Serafim after he saw the children Werewolf
He lost his mind
He died seven times
Up to pave the way to heaven

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